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Mission Statement

SouthCoast Allergy, P.A. of Bluewater Bay, Florida is a full service Allergy and Immunology solo practice that offers expertise in the evaluation and treatment of allergic and immunological diseases.

We offer allergy testing and allergen vaccine treatment for the diagnosis and treatment of allergies and allergic asthma.

Commonly treated diseases are hayfever, sinus problems, sinusitis, asthma, chronic cough, drug allergy, insect allergies, food allergy, eczema and antibody immunodeficiency diseases.

News & Specials

  • Summer is almost here! Despite the cool temps we've been having, hot weather is just around the corner. We will be closed for Memorial Day on Monday, May 27th. Make sure when you're at the beach, on the water, or out in the sun, please remember to use sunscreen of 30 SPF minimum. If you do get badly sunburned, please contact our office within the first 24 hours! We can relieve the pain and effects of sunburn!
  • For all of our Gluten Free friends! - we've just received our order of Jules Nearly Normal GF Flour!! This is the best flour we've found, the closest to all-purpose flour. No need to add anything to it - not even xanthum gum - it's already in there. Use it cup for cup, just like you would wheat flour. At $20 for a five pound bag, it's cheaper than paying $5.00 per pound in the grocery or specialty stores. You save $12 in shipping and handling. Plus, you can lick the spoon and it doesn't taste weird!
  • Do you or someone you know suffer from frequent headaches, cough, sinus pain and pressure, stomach upset or just run down and tired all the time? Sound familiar? Call us, contact us, we can help!

SouthCoast Allergy, P.A.
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4592 E. Highway 20, Suite 3
Niceville, Florida 32578

Phone: (850) 279-6520
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